About Us


Deborah Malka MD, PhD is a practitioner of Integrative Holistic medicine, and has been supportive of patient empowerment Cannabis_Talkand alternative medicine throughout her career. Prior to clinical practice, Deborah Malka MD, PhD completed her PhD in Molecular Genetics, and studied both natural and traditional medicine. She then practiced as a primary care physician, directing a holistic medical clinic in Aptos, California for 15 years. For the past 7 years she has specialized in cannabis medical consulting serving over 20,000 patients to date. During this time she served as the medical director of MedCann, Inc., a group of cannabis evaluation clinics throughout California with up to 30 clinics and 300,000 patients.

I am a healer as well as a holistic physician specializing in natural therapies, offering my clients guidance in finding their unique pathways to wellness, wholeness and balance. My treatments are a blend of intuitive counseling, energy balancing bodywork and natural therapy suggestions. Throughout all of my work, I use my hands to sense and balance body energies. This intuitive touch allows a reading of the client’s health history, a type of “medical intuitive” reading. Energy balancing bodywork is the medium through which we facilitate healing. There is a perfect homeostatic point of balance in which our life energy moves without resistance.  The goal of my work is to restore clients to this place.

~Deborah Malka MD, PhD


Cannabis Plus History

MalkaCannabis Plus was created to meet a widespread need I encountered during the past 7 years that I have been seeing patients as a cannabis clinical specialist. Of the 20,000 patients I have seen during this time, almost all expressed a desire to seek alternatives to prescription medications for their health issues. A universal complaint I heard at almost every patient visit was that their doctor suggested only medicine for their treatment, and they wanted to find something more natural. As a holistic physician committed to alternative therapies, I was able to provide suggestions in addition to cannabis medicine, often the only medical professional who they consulted that did so.

I offer guidance focusing on nutrition, lifestyle change, exercise, herbal remedies, homeopathics, movement therapies, bodywork, and most of all, how to decrease use of prescription medications. Prescription medications are most often quite costly. A majority of patients want to know how to decrease their use of pain medicines, including opiates, which some have unwittingly become addicted to. Cannabis Plus can do this!

At Cannabis Plus, we have the resources to offer, as well as refer you to, alternative therapies as part of a comprehensive treatement plan. We are not limited to medicinal cannabis. We will pursue whatever is needed for each patient to regain a more natural chemistry and find a path to wellness.



Free lecture series conducted by Dr. Malka in 2010. Rio Flyer

Lecture on cannabis in 2013. Way Of Life Deborah Flyer